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Spectacles West

2529 South Main St.
Suite 102
Weatherford, TX 76087 

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Phone: 817-550-8021
Fax: 817-458-9879

Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

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the showroom
our showroom!


We know every prescription is unique, so we custom fit every lens we offer. Our lenses come from industry leaders such as Varilux, Crizal, and Transitions.

Digital Lens Technology

In addition to traditional lenses, we also offer lenses produced with custom digital technology. These are precision-crafted using specific, personalized measurements based not only on the prescription, but how the frames and lenses fit an individual’s facial structure. If you’re tired of having to move your head side to side or up and down constantly to see clearly, these lenses are the answer!


Specialty Lenses

What do you do in your glasses? We offer lenses designed to enhance your performance or make your vision more comfortable during specific activities. Whether it's thinner and lighter lenses that you're looking for or glasses made to light up the dark places you work in, we've got you covered.

Work Better

  • on a computer
  • night driving
  • day driving
  • safety lenses
  • glare reducing
  • "double D" lenses
  • "executive" lenses
  • in windy or dusty conditions

Play Better

  • golfing
  • fishing
  • shooting
  • biking
  • boating
  • motorcycle riding
  • flying
  • scuba diving
  • snow boarding/skiing


We specialize in polarized and “high-wrap” sunglasses. If someone else has told you your prescription can’t be accommodated in a curved sunglass, come see us. Emerging lens technologies are making it possible to put bifocals and strong prescriptions in your favorite sunglasses. Not everyone in Weatherford is using these new technologies, but we are!

We also carry sunglasses suitable for use by those who have had cataract surgery or Lasik procedures.

Damage from UV rays accumulates over a lifetime, just like skin damage from the sun, and has been linked to cataract formation and eye diseases like macular degeneration and glaucoma. All of our sunglasses block 100% of harmful UV rays. If you wouldn’t skip the sunblock lotion, don’t skip the sunglasses!

Our prescription sunglass lenses are available with mirror finishes and 14 shades of polarization:

  • Ash, Smoke or Dark Gray
  • Caramel, Brown, or Deep Chocolate
  • G-15 and light Grass Green
  • Yellow, Orange and Copper
  • Rose, Violet and Blue

We also offer a a wide selection of non-prescription sunwear. Stop in and see for yourself!