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Weatherford, TX 76087
Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm
Several pair of glasses - Ray-Ban & Coach

At Spectacles West, we offer the clearest digitally created lenses
made anywhere and have a lens to meet every need. 

We employ highly trained opticians who are experts at helping you decide what lenses suit your needs, and then using the latest tech to obtain the most accurate measurements for your custom spectacle lenses.
There is no one size fits all here, and we don't use sharpies to measure state-of-the-art lenses.
We cut and finish all of our lenses in-house, to guarantee quality and accuracy. Jessica and Michael take pride in making sure every last detail is perfect. We don't send your glasses off for someone else to make them.
We source lenses from industry leaders and embrace the latest technology in lens design.


Have a name brand lens you love?

We can get it.

Making It Easier

We don't think it should take two weeks for you to get used to your new progressive, no-line bifocals.

We make specialty lenses for every part of your life.

Computer use
Blue light blocking lenses
Skeet shooting lenses
Custom tints
Polarized lenses
Sideways bifocals
Double-d segments
Single vision lenses
Special lens tints for fluorescent lighting and migraines
Special mirrors for fishing
Golf lenses
VR goggles
Reading music
Tennis tints
Motorcycle goggles

You have a need. We have an answer. Try us.

Made & Fixed In-House

We make Chemistrie brand magnetic sunglasses clips in-house, custom to match your frame.

We can make most single vision eyeglasses the same day you order them.

We fix eyeglasses. Really. We have parts and screws and a brazing torch. We even fix eyeglasses if you didn't get them from us.

We troubleshoot problems with eyeglasses purchased online.


Delivery, Cleaning & NerdWax

We deliver to local Weatherford businesses, care facilities, and the Weatherford Senior Center. We can come to care facilities for no-charge repairs and adjustments if your loved one can't come to us.

We will adjust and clean anyone's eyeglasses, free of charge.

We sell NerdWax, because in summer in Texas, it's a must-have.

We Are The Eyeglasses Experts

We employ opticians, trained in all aspects of eyeglasses. They can fit frames, analyze a prescription, read a prescription from a lens, take apart a drill mounted frame and fix it, replace screws, make adjustments, and solve problems.

We don't do eye exams, and we don't sell contacts. We truly are the eyeglasses experts. It's all we do.



Prescription VR Goggle Inserts

We make prescription glasses for your VR headset that fit inside your VR headset. We 3D print goggle inserts for many virtual reality (VR) headset/goggle systems, including Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Valve Index, and we continue to add more. 

Email Michael for more info on VR inserts.