Hello, and welcome to Spectacles West! Well, the website anyway. 

My name is Kira, and my husband Michael and I own and operate Spectacles West. We're pretty good at making eyewear.

We're also pretty good at answering questions about glasses, and we get A LOT of those. I'm an ABO certified optician and I've been helping people with eyeglasses since 1999, so I have thoughts about the advice you need and the struggles you encounter. The eyeglasses related struggles, anyway.

What to Expect 

I'll share the things you care about, and keep the talk about the metric system and lens swarf clogged-pantyhose to a minimum. We'll talk about events in Weatherford, Texas, and interesting moments in the optical shop. I'll share the fun ideas our staff dream up, and how together we solve all the glasses problems. (Did you know Michael can fix anything? He can. Ask him.)

We'll share video and photos and knowledge about what you can expect from your optician (that's us!), your optometrist and ophthalmologist (the docs!), and your eyeglasses experience as a whole. 

How's & Why's 

We're gonna talk about LASIK and sunglasses and how to choose the best color frames and why you can't see out of your progressive lenses and safety glasses and why some people are color blind and why hair dryers and eyeglasses aren't good playmates and why measurements matter and how to not scratch your lenses. 

Send Us Your Questions ‚Äč 

So send us your questions, and get ready to learn more than you ever wanted to know about eyeglasses.